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Mermaids Water Polo were well represented with the Australian Cadets at the FINA World Championships held in Greece

Mermaids Aussie Cadets

Mermaids Water Polo were well represented with the Australian Cadets at the FINA World Championships held in Greece

The first FINA World Championships for the Cadet age group, with the women’s team playing in Larissa (Greece) and men’s in Volos (Greece) from 21-27 August 2022.  With an opportunity to train with the Hungarian and Greek Cadet teams in the lead up, Cadet Women’s Head Coach Georgina Kovacs-Muller said it is a very exciting time for this group of athletes.

“It is exciting for this group of athletes to have the opportunity to take part in the first ever edition of the FINA Cadet World Championships,” Kovacs-Muller said.

“With no previous international experience, we’ll be setting our own expectations as we go – and this focus will remain on ourselves and enjoying the process.  “Our team has a great mixture of creative playmakers, clinical executors and disciplined players with crucial roles in our defensive structure. “Our aim is to play to our strengths, and remain consistent in what we do under any circumstances – and I’m excited to see what that leads to,” she said.

Cadet Men’s Head Coach Dragan Bakic said the Cadet World Championships will be a great development opportunity for his team. “I am excited for the squad that we have selected to represent Australia at the Cadet World Championships,” Bakic said. “Our tour will start out with training at the home of back-to-back Olympic champions, Serbia, and then we’ll be hosted by Hungary – it doesn’t get better than that for experience and development of the team. “Our goals for the World Championships is to hustle, to learn and to grow,” he said.

Mermaids & Mantas Water Polo would like to congratulate the following athletes on their selection, especially those from Mermaids, including the coaching staff members:

Sofia Brodie (Mermaids/QLD)

 Bridget Cranley (Melville/WA)

Saskia Dunn (UTS Balmain/NSW)

Molly Dyer (Mermaids/QLD)

Tilly Hughes (St Rita’s/QLD)

Chelsea Isaac (UNSW Wests/NSW)

Lucy Levenberg-Penklis (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Claire McCulloch (Mermaids/QLD)

Olivia Muir (Mermaids/QLD)

Isla Mulligan (Triton/WA)

Ebony Nash (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Sienna Owen (Mermaids/QLD)

Matilda Waugh (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Ashton Brown (Sydney Uni/NSW)

  Harrison Cole (UQ/QLD)

Smith Connors (Sunshine Coast/QLD)

Samuel Gardiner (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Zac Izzard (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Auguste Korac (Sunshine Coast/QLD)

Pavle Macic (Melbourne Collegians/VIC)

Daniel Magasanik (Melbourne Collegians/VIC)

Tian Markart (UQ/QLD)

Jake Martin (Adelaide Vikings/SA)

Nicholas Mordes (Melbourne Collegians/VIC)

Lewis Saupin (Sydney Uni/NSW)

Cory Webber (Sydney Uni/NSW)


Emma Pittman (Triton/WA)

Jemma Potts (Richmond/VIC)


Chris Lambert (UQ/QLD)

Rex Palazzi (Cronulla/NSW)


Head Coach – Georgina Kovacs-Muller (WA)

Assistant Coach – Greig Richardson (VIC)

Assistant Coach – Lance Johnson (QLD)


Head Coach – Dragan Bakic (NSW)

Assistant Coach – Joel DiMartino (VIC)

Assistant Coach – Toby Fitzgerald (QLD)

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